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How it Works

In order to diagnose Sleep Apnea or other sleep disorders, a patient must undergo a polysomnography (sleep study). This is typically done in a sleep lab, requiring the patient to spend one or two nights in the lab, while the polysomnography (PSG) equipment records his/her physiological data. However, today with technological advancements a polysomnography can be performed at home and is called home sleep testing (HST) or a home sleep study.

Home sleep study testing steps

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SleepView home sleep apnea test device
SleepView Monitor home sleep apnea test device

How it Works

SleepView is pre-programmed to turn ON and OFF at your regular sleep time. If you choose to go to bed earlier, then press the ON button located on the front of SleepView. The power light should turn green.

SleepView Monitor home sleep apnea test device

Home Sleep Test Device

  • Ergonomically designed for self-administration of home sleep test
  • Home sleep testing is covered by most insurance providers
  • Ultra-compact, smallest, lightest, Type III home sleep testing monitor meeting AASM recommended channel set

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Once we receive your order for the sleep study then one of our team members will be calling you at the phone number provided at checkout within 24/48 hours. At that time, they will be confirming your shipping address and whether or not you will be able to perform the study when the sleep device arrives. They will review with you the steps of setting up the device and discuss what you need to do once the sleep study has been completed. The package you receive will have a return label within it which you will use to return the device at no additional charge to you. Once the device is received back to us, the data will be uploaded into our system and scored and interpreted. A report will then be generated with your sleep study results. This whole process can take about 7 days or so, depending on how quickly the sleep device is received back to us. The generated report will be emailed to you once the process is complete. Please be sure to use an email address at checkout that is most often checked by you for the results to be received.

If it is discovered that you have Sleep Apnea, then we will contact you to discuss the recommended options with you based on the interpreted sleep study results. If AutoPAP Therapy is recommended to you, then we can assist you with getting those devices at a significantly discounted price (a prescription may be required for the AutoPaP, please discuss with us for details). Every person’s individual results will vary and be determined solely by the interpreted sleep study results.

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Is the home sleep study accurate?
Yes, it most definitely is accurate. We use the same state of the art testing equipment and diagnostic procedures as most hospitals and sleep centers around the United States. Every test is scored by a Registered Sleep Technician and interpreted by a Board Certified Sleep Specialist.
Does this test Diagnose Central and obstructive sleep apnea?
Yes. Our sleep study device is monitoring your airflow and respiratory effort. This provides the necessary data for our Sleep technician and Interpreting Physician to distinguish between Central and Obstructive Sleep Apnea.
Do I need a prescription for a home sleep study?
No Prescription is necessary for the home sleep testing. We always recommend that your sleep study results be reviewed by your preferred Physician.
How long do I have to wear the device?
Most studies can be complete in one night of use of the sleep study device. If for some reason you do not feel you received an adequate amount of sleep with the sleep study device then it can be arranged for an additional night with the device.
Getting setup to receive the home sleep device?
Once you purchase the home sleep study online, you will be contacted by one of our team members to arrange a setup time and the device will be shipped directly to the location you provide.
How do I setup the device for the study?
Each device comes with a brochure that walks you step by step through the setup process of the device. Also, included in the package is a video which provides you with the setup process which is very easy.
I need a sleep study for my CDL. Does this test meet CDL and DOT standards?
YES, This is an official diagnostic medical test recognized by the DOT.
Does HomeSleep.study accept medical insurance coverage?
No. Homesleep.study does not accept insurance. We can provide you with an itemized invoice, which you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. Homesleep.study does not accept FSA or Health Savings Accounts, HSA.
Is the test appropriate for Pediatrics?
No. This test is only indicated for adults 18 and older.
Do I pay extra for shipping?
Shipping is always FREE. A return shipping label is included with all orders and details will be provided by our team during the setup process.